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Championing modern crop management since 2016

At WayBeyond, we believe that digital agronomy is the future of crop production and that protected cultivation is the path forward for horticulture – so the world can produce more and all year-round to feed our growing population, with less resources and less impact from and on the planet.

To grow more, better quality fresh produce, consistently, growers are striving to anticipate yield, manage pests and diseases outbreaks and optimize production. To improve farm operational efficiency and profitability, and meet their sustainability objectives, they are striving to utilize their resources and inputs at the right time and the right place, and optimize the life of their infrastructures. For that, they need to embrace modern crop management and growing practices that leverage accessible, timely, actionable and scalable agronomy data.

Born in New Zealand in 2016, WayBeyond was incubated as a start-up within Autogrow, and split away in early 2021 as a separate business. Following the strategic investment of BASF Venture Capital GmbH in 2023, WayBeyond is now a US-headquartered company.



We create digital agronomy solutions protected cropping growers love, for a better world. 



A world where we produce better seeds, grow delicious fruits and vegetables, and have a beneficial impact. 



We invest in growers' farm’s success, so they can enjoy growing fresh produce and seeds they can be proud of.

Designed for large scale and intensive production

Our digital agronomy solution are designed for protected cultivation, primarily vine crops and berries. FarmRoad enables growers to manage intensive seed production or large fresh produce operations, delivering optimized crop outcomes and empowering them to make timely crop management decisions, from the farm to the management table. FarmRoad is more than a crop management software, it’s a repository of grower knowledge.

Our expert team, based in New Zealand and in key markets like Mexico or Morocco, takes pride in understanding growers’ unique challenges, crops, local growing environment, and sustainability goals. We offer a dedicated customer manager, local support, localized software and agronomy services. We help them make the most of FarmRoad, evolve their growing practices and educate or upskill their workforce.

WayBeyond advocates the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, while supporting the next generation of growers through through education and developing a digital agronomy curriculum for protected cultivation.

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“WayBeyond’s digital agronomy solution not only help growers visualize their growing operations, it also provides them with the agronomic recommendations they need to optimize yield and yield quality.”

Neal Okarter, Investment Manager at BASF Venture Capital GmbH

“The fusion of digital agronomy with protected cropping represents the next great leap in global food production and equips growers to harness the full potential of their crops, for a more sustainable and bountiful tomorrow.”

Darryn Keiller, Founder and CEO of WayBeyond

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Meet our leadership team

Darryn Keiller, founder and CEO of WayBeyond
Darryn Keiller

Founder and CEO

Lisa Coleman, Head of People and Culture at WayBeyond
Lisa Coleman

Head of People and Culture

Sean Tindale, Chief Product and Technology Officer at WayBeyond
Sean Tindale

Chief Product and Technology Officer

Zane Hemmingsen-Jensen, Head of Finance at WayBeyond
Zane Hemmingsen-Jensen

Head of Finance

Dan Than, Customer Success Director at WayBeyond
Daniel Than

Customer Success Director

Lotte Bayly, Global Sales Director at WayBeyond
Lotte Bayly

Global Sales Director

Dr. Mpatisi Moyo, Head of Artificial Intelligence at WayBeyond
Dr. Mpatisi Moyo

Head of Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Tharindu Weeraratne, Director of Crop Science and Agronomy at WayBeyond
Dr. Tharindu Weeraratne

Director of Crop Science and Agronomy

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We are hiring!

We're currently looking for these roles: 

Business Development Manager LATAM

Office Coordinator

Technical Agronomist Account Manager EMEA

Apply directly by clicking the relevant role or for more info contact careers@waybeyond.io.

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