The crop management software for protected cultivation

Making your agronomy data accessible, timely, actionable at scale - from the farm to the management table, to cost-effectively optimize your protected cropping production.

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Unlock your production with the crop management software growers love

FarmRoad is used by enterprise high-value crop growers and seed producers to anticipate yield and limit pest and disease outbreaks, helping them consistently grow better quality fresh produce and seeds. Our crop management software leverages real-time agronomy data from our industry-leading sensor network, plant science and artificial intelligence. Get the critical insights you need, address your daily challenges and improve your operational efficiency and profitability.



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Automated data capture to better understand the health of your growing environment



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Make better, timely crop management decisions based on key digital agronomy insights



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Optimize you growing practices and resources to maximize yield quality and consistency



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Get the best return from your future yield and maximize your commercial performance

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Optimal crop management starts with accurate data

Under pressure to consistently deliver higher yields and better quality produce or performant seeds, growers and seed producers need more information on the health of their plants than ever before. This is precisely why we designed the industry-leading FarmRoad sensor network.


More readings provide greater clarity on plant health

FarmRoad’s sensor network provides a complete picture of what’s affecting plant health. Each sensor collects temperature, relative humidity, CO2, PAR, RAD, EC and barometric pressure readings, with the option to add peripheral sensors.


Uncover problematic microclimates affecting production

Our wireless and portable sensor can be placed in virtually any location. It gives you a better understanding of microclimates in real-time – such as conditions that lead to pest or disease outbreaks, and enables to pinpoint areas requiring immediate attention.

Extend functionality with peripheral sensors

Connect an external plant temperature or soil moisture sensor to your FarmRoad Sensor. Plant temperature sensors provide actual vapor pressure deficit (VPD) readings to indicate levels of plant stress. Soil moisture sensors provide a detailed picture of plant status in real time.


Make better, timely crop management decisions

Managing plant health requires modern tools capable of ongoing monitoring across large-scale or intensive protected growing environments. FarmRoad, our multilingual crop management software, delivers the critical digital agronomy insights you need.

Detect early signs of unplanned stress and environmental variation

Digitally capture both environmental and phenology data automatically from our sensor network and crop scouting observations by your team on the go to more effectively manage plant health and your growing environment across all your farms.


Take prompt action to manage pests, nutrient deficiencies and risks of disease

Complete crop registration in half the time by entering measurements directly into FarmRoad. Our activity feed delivers real-time updates, including recent scouting and registration input, alerts, and climate notifications to keep everyone informed.

Unify your farm data and make it accessible wherever your team needs it

Eliminate spreadsheets with FarmRoad's Data Studio and Harvest Dashboard. Get a centralized, custom visualization of all your digital agronomy data and your farms' yield over time, on desktop and mobile. Data is stored on highly secured AWS cloud servers, in real time.


Understand where your attention is required immediately

Get real-time alerts for adverse conditions. FarmRoad notifies you of risk of disease or problematic microclimates, like Botrytis, Powdery Mildew, heat stress, pest population growth - so you can take proactive action and optimize your inputs.

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Optimize your crop with data,
not opinions

FarmRoad's agronomy insights provide the tools to assist you in optimizing your growing practices and minimizing the resources used, whilst maximizing yield, quality and consistency. Helping you achieve your contracted production better.


Get confidence in your ability to meet your commitments

Ensure your crops are in the optimal environment to produce the volume and consistency you need with FarmRoad’s real-time environmental analysis. Leverage our short-term tomato yield prediction forecasts up to four weeks ahead, using eight weeks of crop data.


Optimize your growing practices and your resources

Master the art of plant steering with FarmRoad. Get an objective measure of a tomato plant's vegetative or generative status, regardless of knowledge and experience level, and sends disease risk alerts when the conditions happen.

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“Today I can see an overview of the farms for myself, instead of making multiple phone calls to multiple farm managers to ask for updates. I’m getting faster, more accurate information and that is saving me time.”

Aziz El Kahlaoui, Horticultural Manager at African Blue


Maximize your commercial performance

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Uncover warning signs of yield swings with FarmRoad

While many growers aim for a high level of yield prediction accuracy, they may not achieve it consistently. Find out how interpreting yield prediction with additional contextual data improves decision-making.

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