Grow with the right FarmRoad solution for your business

FarmRoad offers an easy-to-implement, scalable digital agronomy solution to intensive seed production and large-scale fresh produce operations.

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Leverage FarmRoad and transform your growing practices

Designed for enterprise protected cropping growers and seed producers, our crop management software leverages agronomy data from our industry-leading sensor network, combined with plant science and artificial intelligence. FarmRoad delivers optimized crop outcomes and empowers you to make timely crop management decisions. Now, you can optimize your resources while simultaneously maximizing your yield. Ultimately improving your operational efficiency and profitability.

Choose the FarmRoad package that suits your needs

Whether you're looking to detect pest and disease outbreaks early, maximize yield or optimize your commercial performance.


  • tomato (9) 2
  • tomato (9) 2

For vine crops and berry growers wanting to make better, timely crop management decisions based on key insights

  • Sensor network
  • Scouting
  • Crop registration
  • Activity feed
  • Unified data
  • Data studio
  • Harvest dashboard
  • Real-time alerts (email, mobile)
  • Multilingual software
  • Knowledge base
  • Dedicated customer manager
  • Local support


  • Group 1645
  • Group 1645

For tomato growers wanting to optimize growing practices and resources, whilst maximizing yield, quality and consistency

All the goodness of FarmRoad Manage plus crop-specific agronomy insights

  • Easy Yield
  • Plant Balance
  • Climate Analysis

Choose your FarmRoad measurement density

Want to be more confident and precise in your agronomy insights and yield predictions? Choose a higher sensor density.

Standard resolution

Best for getting started with automatically capturing digital agronomy data from multiple farms

1 Sensor/ha

  • FarmRoad-sensor

Medium resolution

Best for steering crops and utilizing resources and inputs at the right time, at the right place

2 Sensors/ha

  • FarmRoad-sensor
  • FarmRoad-sensor

High resolution

Best for high precision monitoring, getting granular insights and enabling advanced predictions

4+ Sensors/ha

  • FarmRoad-sensor
  • FarmRoad-sensor
  • FarmRoad-sensor
  • FarmRoad-sensor

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To find out more about our terms of service and warranty, read the FarmRoad terms and conditions.

Frequently asked questions

What is FarmRoad? What is FarmRoad?

FarmRoad is WayBeyond's crop management software that offers an integrated solution designed to make agronomy data accessible, timely, actionable, and scalable. It supports protected cropping growers with real-time agronomy data, sensors, advanced technologies and open API to integrate data from various systems.

What is included in the monthly subscription? What is included in the monthly subscription?

The monthly subscription includes access to the full suite of features and services offered by WayBeyond solution. You get a comprehensive solution that includes the sensors along with the necessary software and a mobile app. This all-in-one package ensures a seamless integration of data collection and analysis.

How much the subscription costs? How much the subscription costs?

The subscription price varies based on your farm size and chosen package. Our all-in-one FarmRoad solution comprises sensors, a mobile app, and software access. For details, please contact our expert team.

Can I cancel anytime? Can I cancel anytime?

The cancellation of your FarmRoad subscription will depend on the subscription and contract terms that you agreed to when signing up for the service. If you need to cancel your subscription, you should refer to the cancellation policy outlined in your contract.

How do I get started with FarmRoad? How do I get started with FarmRoad?

Ready to discover the capabilities of FarmRoad? We're thrilled to help you begin this journey. Contact our specialists to discuss your needs and see how it works.

How does FarmRoad's Sensor network work? How does FarmRoad's sensor network work?

FarmRoad sensors provide real-time insights into crop health. They collect temperature, humidity, CO2, PAR, RAD, and barometric pressure readings, with the option to add peripherals sensors. They can be placed anywhere on the farm.

How does WayBeyond ensure data privacy and security? How does WayBeyond ensure data privacy and security?

Data privacy and security are the utmost importance to us. FarmRoad complies with the security and privacy policies of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Independent security audits are conducted annually. Please check our privacy policy and FarmRoad T&C's for more details. 

Are there any restrictions on the number of farms I can manage with my subscription? Are there any restrictions on the number of farms I can manage with my subscription?

No. The number of farms and sectors you can manage depends on your requirements. Both packages offer increased capacity for managing multiple farms.