Maximize your seed yield, quality and viability

WayBeyond empowers vegetable seed producers to harness advanced protected cropping growing practices and digital agronomy insights to consistently yield high-quality seeds, enhancing germination rates and crop success for farmers globally.

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The seed producer's edge in protected environments

Facing unique challenges as a seed producer, you need to manage various factors in protected environments to maximize vegetable seed quality, quantity and variability. High-quality seed production is vital to meet the global food demand and involves a complex dance of genetics, environment, and precise cultivation methods. You might currently depend on a combination of traditional knowledge and fragmented data. What if you could streamline this complexity?

We support seed producers around the world in harnessing the full potential of their crops by providing advanced digital agronomy solutions and crop management software. Combining industry-leading wireless sensor networks, plant science and AI, we deliver optimized crop outcomes to consistently produce superior seeds. Ensuring each batch meets the high standards your customers expect and laying a robust foundation for global food production.

Navigating the complexities of seed production

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Efficient microclimate monitoring for optimal seed development
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Preventing conditions for which pests and diseases thrive
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Overcoming cross-pollination and contamination issues
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Impact of climate change on production cycles and seed viability
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Managing micro-environmental conditions for each seed type
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Ensuring genetic purity and optimal seed characteristics
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Adapting to market demands for new, resilient crop varieties
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Complex regulatory environments for seed testing and certification
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Scaling seed production to meet fluctuating market demands

Vegetable seed companies we work with 

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Crafted for seed producers' excellence

Navigating the complexities of seed production demands an in-depth understanding of plant genetics, environmental factors, and the nuances of seed growth cycles. FarmRoad, our crop management software, equips you with a better understanding of microclimates and plant health to make informed decisions, ensuring your seeds thrive and meet the highest standards of quality and viability.


Enhance seed quality
and germination rates


Leverage digital agronomy data and visualize key insights to optimize environmental conditions, leading to improved seed quality and germination rates. Receive real-time alerts on critical factors affecting seed development, enabling you to respond swiftly and effectively.

Maximize efficiency in resource utilization


Identify and act on patterns in environmental and biological data to streamline resource use. Adjust your irrigation and pollination strategies to ensure optimal growth conditions, leading to high-quality seed production with minimal resource wastage.

Foster sustainable and profitable growth


Advance your seed production practices to stay competitive in the global market and position your business as a leader in responsible seed supply. Upskill your team, invest in continuous improvement and embrace innovation to stay ahead and ensure long-term profitability.

Our digital agronomy solutions are also suitable for seed R&D teams, breeders, and propagators of other seed types developed in protected environments.


Thanks to insights built on science, drive improvements across your organization

FarmRoad delivers the insights you need. Harness plant science and AI models for high-value vegetable seeds developed by our in-house agronomy experts and data scientists.


Activity feed and data studio

Widely communicate observations, photos and actions in FarmRoad’s activity feed. Get a centralized, custom visualization of all your digital agronomy data, on desktop and mobile, in our data studio. Set up custom alerts by email, SMS or WhatsApp to identify risks of disease or problematic microclimates as they happen.


Digitized data capture

Automatically capture and visualize temperature, RH, CO2, PAR, RAD, EC and barometric pressure readings, as well as plant temperature or soil moisture with our proprietary wireless sensor network. Complete crop registration in half the time, easily log pest and disease threats and eliminate double handling by entering data directly into FarmRoad.

Plant balance indicator

Get an objective measure to view the state of a plant. Using variety-specific crop knowledge, FarmRoad's Plant Balance displays a plant's vegetative or generative status. Regardless of knowledge or experience, you can steer the crop towards targeted outputs and respond to unexpected state changes quickly.

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“What’s exciting for us is how WayBeyond’s products and services, coupled with our teams’ production expertise, optimize critical inputs for high quality and healthy vegetable seeds production that ultimately benefit our growers.”

Matt Horstmeier, Global Vegetable Production Strategy Lead at Bayer Crop Science

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