28.09.2020 | 1h 30min watch

Combating harmful crop pests without spraying more chemicals

Alternative natural defense strategies for the greenhouse grower

Webinar overview

For this interview-style webinar we are joined by our guest expert, Applied Entomologist, Dr. Mette Nielsen who will be sharing her insights on how to plan for and manage pest infestations on your crops. We’ll cover:

  • How attitudes to pest management have changed over the years and the current perspective

  • The things to consider when deciding upon the best pest management strategies for you and the steps you need to take

  • Which climate factors affect the performance of pest management techniques

  • Great examples of pest management in action

This webinar is presented by:

  • Kayla Waldorff, Key Account Manager North America
  • Daniel Than, Customer Success Director
  • Dr Mette Nielsen, Ph.D. MSc,  Applied Entomologist, New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research

Webinar transcript