18.08.2020 | 36min watch

Uncovering warning signs of fungal disease in your growing environment

The crop-saving guide for commercial growers of tomatoes, leafy greens, herbs and more

Webinar overview

This webinar takes you through a fungal disease outbreak (Botrytis) case study from one of our growers. You’ll learn about their growing environment, the issues they faced, how they responded, and the financial outcome (which was a little different to what they expected). We’ll cover:

  • Common growing scenarios and their limitations for pest and disease spotting
  • The climate warning signs which you should heed to avoid fungal disease outbreaks
  • The ideal growing scenario that enables growers to get a better view of pest and disease threats
  • Case Study: The real cost of an undetected fungal disease outbreak in the greenhouse

This webinar is presented by:

  • Kayla Waldorff, Key Accounts Manager North America
  • Daniel Than, Customer Success Director

Webinar transcript