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Forging a technology pathway into Mexico

Celene Solis in tomato greenhouse
Celene Solis joins WayBeyond as the first Mexico-based team member.

With new technological advances in protected agriculture on the rise, Mexico is ripe for the next wave of innovation.

Emerging technologies which harness “data growing” will assist farmers to increase yields and crop quality, and reduce threats of pests and pathogens. One company that is well-positioned to breakthrough during this next wave is WayBeyond.

Business Development Consultant Celene Solis, based in Mexico City, discusses how Mexican growers will benefit from WayBeyond’s launch into the market and details her role in the industry.

What type of company is WayBeyond?

WayBeyond is a crop management company. We focus on A.I. and data analytics solutions so growers can sustainably manage and produce indoor crops. Our digital agronomy solutions include yield prediction, crop registration, and sensor network technology which are all available on our crop management software.

Why is WayBeyond expanding into Mexico?

Mexico is the 4th largest fruit and vegetable exporter in the world and is among three of the largest producers of blackberries, peppers, avocadoes, and lemons. WayBeyond has always intended to serve this market but up till now has focused its attention on establishing people in the United States and the Netherlands, as well as growing the team at the New Zealand headquarters.

I really align with the company’s vision: to help growers become more sustainable by harnessing data and new technologies. Agriculture is something I’m passionate about and why I chose to study International Commerce and Agribusiness. Since leaving university, I have held roles at U.S. companies ranging from meat producers and multinational grain resellers to a multinational pharma and an agricultural company.

I previously worked with Monsanto and Bayer Crop Science which supported my interest in horticulture. My 10 years in the industry have gone by so fast and so much has changed. I think the next 10 will be just as transformational, especially for my homeland of Mexico.

How do you see technology supporting growers in Mexico?

There are many opportunities for Mexican growers to improve their operations. Some are very early in their journey of exploring how to harness data to drive production enhancements. Others already have the basics in place but are seeking better insights from the tech they currently use or are looking to expand their data growing initiatives further.

Some examples are optimizing the business to free up labor, using data to plan growth strategies, and better managing environmental conditions to reduce instances of pests and pathogens. Technology can assist in so many ways, but it always begins with a conversation between the grower and me about how they might get the best out of their business while being profitable and sustainable.

Share something about yourself

I’m a dog lover and food lover (I’m not great at cooking but I love eating!) I practice mindfulness to keep my mind and spirit healthy and I also enjoy exercise: I’ve been boxing for nine years and attending CrossFit for over five.

I love dancing (of course), travelling and learning new languages. In my work I’m passionate about what I do and always try to find the best way of helping people.

If you’re a grower in the Mexico region, get in touch with Celene and discuss how your business can grow to the next level.

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